Videos of our shows

Laser enhanced film – Close Encounters of the Third kind

The Poly in Falmouth was transformed into the first laser enhanced cinema in the UK!  We created a unique immersive laser experience for this epic science fiction adventure.  Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster film, nominated for eight Academy Awards (winner of Cinematography) and universally considered the best film ever made about alien visitation to Earth.

Perfectly timed laser effects created an atmosphere which drew the audience further into the action. The flight of the UFOs circled overhead and they experienced a close encounter as the light surrounded them to abduct them from their seats and return them safely to earth!

This show provided the perfect Sci-fi inspired finale for a technology networking event commissioned by Software Cornwall/ KernowDAT  and sponsored by Flowmoco. Held at the World Heritage Site, Heartlands in Pool we projected onto the side and chimney of the Historic Robinson’s Shaft Engine House.

Ten pieces of music and excerpts from sci-fi movie and TV favourites were edited together including The Matrix, Tron, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Blade Runner and Terminator.  Hand-drawn graphics and animations included some iconic characters such as R2D2, Deckard and Rachael, the Tron Bike, Daleks, K9 and Jodie Whittaker, the new Doctor!

This show tested our claim to be “all weather” and was performed during Storm Bronaugh with driving rain and a Force 8 gale! The slight wobble you may see is Lizzie, our Land Rover, being buffeted by the wind. Even in these conditions we started on time and our audience braved the weather and stayed to enjoy the show to the very end!

Thanks to Stream Freedom for braving the elements, live-streaming the show and providing most of this footage.

We created a custom show, set to 10 pieces of sea-themed music, as a fundraiser for the 50th Anniversary of the St. Agnes RNLI Lifeboat.  The show contained bespoke graphics and tightly-synchronised beam sequences, which were projected both onto and over the 50m cliff-face for a family audience of over 400 people. The photo shows the view from where the video was taken.

It’s incredibly difficult to capture lasers on camera and you won’t be seeing them at their brightest and most magical in a video. So just imagine the amazement of the audience seeing them first-hand in such a wonderful location!

“Absolutely spectacular evening last night! Thanks so much”

“Breathtaking display. Rod Stewart’s Sailing went brilliantly with animated RNLI graphic. Loved the show”

“That was amazing, so different, atmospheric, great idea”

“Breathtaking exciting show down at Trevaunance Cove tonight”

Romance is in the air

Here are just a couple of our laser shows demonstrating the wide range of graphics and animations we choreograph to songs which uniquely celebrate a happy couple’s wedding day or anniversary.  Any special request can be choreographed with personalised graphics and colour theme.

Perfect / Ed Sheeran

Come What May / Moulin Rouge