Green Ethos

If you are concerned about your environmental impact and seeking a greener alternative for entertainment, then a Greenwave Laser show could be your ideal solution. Our displays don’t release poisonous gases or debris into the environment and even the ‘smoke’ machines we use to highlight the laser beams consist of a harmless water-based vapour.

If you’re planning your celebration at a hotel, conference or wedding venue then you may discover that many of them don’t allow or aren’t insured for fireworks displays on their grounds. Locations which are in close proximity to thatched buildings, crops or heathland can also greatly increase the risk of fire.

The benefit of  lasers is that they can be used at any venue, subject to the proper planning, safety guidelines and operation, which Greenwave Laser is qualified to deliver.

With so many pet-lovers and farmers in the County, minimising the stress to pets and livestock caused by fireworks may also be your concern.  Except for the accompanying music the laser itself operates silently and so even the most sensitive of guests (such as small children or beloved pets) can enjoy your display along with everyone else.