Corporate Branding & Sponsorship

Build impactful promotional campaigns to enhance your brand at Conferences and Trade Shows. Launch products and services, acknowledge sponsors and add interest to networking events, Company Team Days and Christmas Parties.  We can bring a unique dimension to your brand promotion, sponsorship and networking events by producing captivating laser graphics, logos and messages.

Big brands have been using lasers to grab the attention of audiences and entertain them across a range of corporate events.  As the first laser design service operating in Cornwall, Greenwave Laser is pleased to offer this opportunity to businesses of all sizes in the South West.

We can create custom scolling text, logos and graphics which can be projected onto a range of surfaces.  Imagine seeing your company logo or message, displayed in dazzling laser light on a building or monument, the hull of a Ship, a cliff face or seemingly suspended in space with the use of our special transparent screen.

Laser projectors are hundreds of times brighter than video projectors enabling us to create highly visible displays that no other technology is capable of doing. They offer a unique opportunity to communicate a truly memorable and eye-catching brand message.

Our laser show can be designed to incorporate brand colours and choreographed to any music, narrative and sound recording and performed as part of a product launch, campaign or networking event.  If you have produced promotional media such as video or audio then we can discuss how to integrate these into cutting edge displays to engage your audience.